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Security :: North Brisbane Self-Storage

Security and Access at North Brisbane Self Storage


At North Brisbane Self Storage we take security very seriously. We aim to keep your belongings as safe as possible. To do this we have implemented the following systems:

  • Closed Circuit Security Monitoring Cameras

There are closed circuit security monitoring cameras strategically placed around our 137 unit facility. We are able to watch in live stream 24/7 and recall from our database for a review of activities on request. 

  • Daily Lock Checks

Staff at North Brisbane Self Storage undertake lock checks each and every day we are open. This practice with the assistance of our Closed Circuit security Monitoring Cameras identifies any tamper attempts and also ensures any units that have been accidentally been left unlocked are made secure.

  • Access Control System

Access to the facility is via an individual user pin code for each storage user. This allows us to monitor which units are onsite  and complete comprehensive investigation using our pin log in system and the security monitoring camera footage if required.

  • Back 2 Base Security Monitoring

Back 2 Base Security are a privately owned security company which monitor North Brisbane Self Storage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are a local company and can be onsite in minutes in the rare instance they are required.